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DC12V 10A Motor Receiver Wireless Motor Controller Wireless Remote Control Kit for Linear Actuator

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Product DescriptionDC12V 10A Motor Switch Receiver + Remote Control For Electric DC Linear Actuator Specification:Model: 807132Product DescriptionMaterial: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)Color: white ReceiverWorking voltage: DC12VOutput mode: passive outputContact capacity: 10ALoad p..


Product Description

DC12V 10A Motor Switch Receiver + Remote Control For Electric DC Linear Actuator 
Model: 807132
Product Description
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Color: white
Working voltage: DC12V
Output mode: passive output
Contact capacity: 10A
Load power: resistive 12V, 80W
Working temperature: -10 ~ 70 degrees
Receiving sensitivity: -107dBm
Working frequency: 315MHz
Size: 8x6x3cm
Remote control
Working voltage: 12V 23A
Working frequency: 315 / 433MHZ
Working current: 25MA
Coding method: fixed code / learning code
Modulation method: ASK (amplitude modulation)
Launch distance: 100-500M (This is the theory of free space without interference, the actual use of the environment according to the size of the interference and receiver sensitivity may be, generally take the nominal value of 10 -30)
Size: 9x4cm
● Low-power, highly sensitive superheterodyne receiver module
● Strong anti-interference, remote control compatibility, can match the ● Same frequency of the learning code and fixed code remote control
● Good stability, long service life
Application: Widely used in wireless remote control switch for all kinds of electrical equipment: remote wireless control such as remote motor, AC / DC lamp remote control, solenoid valve, power on / off control, access control, security control system
The code / code method:
On the code: Press the learning button on the receiver to turn on the indicator light is off to enter the learning state, press any key to learn the remote control, the receiver receives the signal after the indicator flashes continuously flashing after learning success.
Package included:
● 1 x receiver
● 1 x remote control

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